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The Treatment of Auto Immune Disorders: Are There Natural Remedies for Treatment?

Weekly Article 3/25/2019
by Mikele K. @ The Olive Branch

The Treatment of Auto Immune Disorders: Are There Natural Remedies for Treatment?

Good day Olive Branch customers! We are in Spring 2019, and the days are beginning to have more sunshine in them! The days of mowing lawns, spring concerts, BBQ’s, hot weather, and bonfires are upon us.

This week’s topic is a frequent occurrence that is seen in the store on a daily basis, and that is the topic of an autoimmune disorder and how somebody could treat it naturally. It can be a scary ordeal to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, but rest assured that there is a lot of information out there among ways to treat them naturally. Information truly is power in these days when attempting to treat autoimmune disorders. If you were to come into the store and talk to me, among our other helpful members, this is what we will discuss to help you better understand what you are up against.

First off, most customers come in stating they have been freshly diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. If a customer hasn’t been freshly diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, it is highly recommended to have a qualified medical professional accurately test and diagnose properly. I’ve seen customers who Google diagnose themselves, and that is typically not a good idea to do, let alone can be hazardous in the long run if something is critically wrong. If you are freshly diagnosed, we will move on.

One thing I notice is many customers do not understand what exactly an autoimmune condition actually is. Throughout this article, I will reference a peer-reviewed journal that you can directly link to do your own research and see factual references based on medical science here:…/probiotics-applications-in-aut….

In my multiple author peer-reviewed journal (Al-Salami, Calcetta, Golocorgin-Kon, and Mikov), the authors state that an autoimmune disorder is where the body mistakenly attacks its own body cells via antibody production. This process thereby increases inflammation and are seen commonly through metabolic disorders/disturbances/and imbalances. Some common autoimmune disorders are:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Grave’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and
Crohn’s disease

According to research, genetics plays a 30% prevalence, while an overwhelming 70% prevalence of autoimmune disorders come from environmental factors such as lifestyle and the food we consume. 6-8% of the population at a given time suffers from these conditions. Interestingly enough, research suggests that the root of the majority of autoimmune disorders originates from gastrointestinal abnormalities directly linked to initiation and progression of autoimmune disorders in the form of slower gut movement and microfloral overgrowth such as candida and yeasts.

So, we know the origins and what exactly an autoimmune disorder is, but how are they treated? In a traditional medical setting these are treated two ways:
1. replacing function of damaged tissues (ie. Give insulin for diabetes)
2. steroid therapy to suppress dysfunctional immune cells

While these conventional therapies do work, the side effects associated with these treatments causes a lot of discomfort and issues down the road. This is the reason why many look to the alternatives to help correct their autoimmune disorder.

Now, for those who are looking to help naturally heal their autoimmune conditions, consider this train of thought…the article states that the majority of autoimmune disorders originate from gastrointestinal abnormalities. There is a condition that is called leaky gut syndrome that deserves attention here. Leaky gut syndrome is recognized as a phenomenon that occurs within the intestinal tract where the epithelium tissue’s tight junctions open slightly, allowing undigested food particles and potential bacteria (endotoxin) to make its way into the bloodstream. These compounds are typically only found in the gut, so our immune system goes on high alert when it starts seeing new and unusual things.

In layman’s terms, in leaky gut we have holes in our gastrointestinal lining that allows things to pass back and forth into our blood. The immune response to this is linked to the formation and progression of autoimmune conditions.

At this point, most people ask me, “What can I do at this point?” Here are some considerations to ponder in natural remedies for autoimmune conditions:

1. Probiotics probiotics are good beneficial bacteria that are added to our digestive systems to repopulate and correct any candida or yeast overgrowth to put the system back into balance. According to our article authors, probiotics are dietary supplements containing bacteria which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. Combinations of different bacterial strains can be used but a mixture of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria is a common choice. Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in a wide range of conditions including infections, allergies, metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
2. Aloe- aloe has many uses, but it regulates metabolism and decreases inflammation in the digestive track
3. Food enzymes by properly breaking down your food you take away more nutrition and nutrients to give your body the fuel it needs for bodily processes and immune health
4. L-Glutamine- L-Glutamine is an amino acid that basically patches up the holes in the colon to keep leaky gut in its place so the immune system doesn’t start its attack on the body through recognition of a potential foreign invader
5. MSM aka Methylsulfonylmethane, This naturally occurring sulfur is found in all vertebrates – although the extent of its importance still has yet to be explored. It can be obtained through a variety of food sources in small amounts, but occurs higher in [raw] nutritionally-dense foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage as well as dairy products and certain cuts of meat. A heavy duty anti-inflammatory for many conditions where inflammation is causing issues
6. Look into doing a heavy metal cleanse
7. Fish Oil
8. Increase Vitamin C
9. Increase Vitamin D
10. Consider eating a more alkaline diet to help ease inflammation

We have talked about a lot concerning autoimmune disorders and how to treat them naturally. There are a lot of options to help in treating these naturally, but do remember that every is different and some things may or may not work for you. It’s a trial-and-error situation for each person who is going the natural route. If you need additional help, please stop in and talk with one of our members to see what could help you today.

~In Good Health
Mikele K. @ The Olive Branch