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The Mystery, Magnificence, and Necessity of MSM: A Natural Review

by Mikele Ketchem @Canton Olive Branch Article 6- January 16, 2020 Happy New Year fellow Olive Branch customers!  Actually, we moved into a new decade at midnight on December 21, 2019.  Did you make any new year resolutions for 2020?  Maybe it’s time to finally lose weight; eat healthier; reduce stress; make more time for […]

New Additions to The Olive Branch!

Attention Olive Branch Customers: We’ve Expanded! Yes, our original location at 1105 Whipple Ave has expanded its offerings of refrigerated, frozen, and pet food/supplies to satisfy our diverse customer needs. Our refrigerated section has a diverse offering of new meatless foods from Field Roast, and Upton’s Naturals such as breakfast sausages, burritos, pizzas, wings, vegan […]

Hey Allergy Sufferers: It’s That Season Again!

Weekly Article 4/015/2019by Mikele K. @ The Olive BranchHey Allergy Sufferers: It’s That Season Again! Greetings Olive Branch Customers! Today is 4/15/2019, and we are in the third week of the second quarter of the year. Are you noticing your allergies kicking up? Do the sounds of mowers, along with the release of pollen from […]

Listen up Men: Getting to the Root of Prostate Issues

Weekly Article 4/08/2019by Mikele K. @ The Olive Branch Listen up Men: Getting to the Root of Prostate Issues Greetings Olive Branch Customers! Today is 4/8/2019, and we are in the second week of the second quarter of the year. Time sure is flying isn’t it? We’re not that far from grilling out and summer […]

The Importance of Mental Health

Weekly Blog #1 The Importance of Mental Health: How Anxiety, Stress, Tension and Lack of Sleep Affect Us We’ve all been there. Many are there now. The winter months are hard on some people-especially the holidays. The holidays are behind us, but sometimes the effects can be everlasting for some. The effects of trying to […]

Claim Your Free Curcumin Guide In-Store! A $16.95 Value

Are you interested about curcumin? Stop in today to get your FREE informational book about curcumin by the esteemed author Ajay Goel, Ph.D valued at $16.95! Just mention you saw this ad on our Facebook page! While you let that digest, here is some more information about the curcumin book we are giving away: The […]

Come Find Us on Twitter!

To our valued customers: In our efforts to establish a more public and interactive social media presence, we would like to announce that we have a new Twitter presence – come find us and give us a tweet, as well as look for our tweets to you:

Visit and Like Us on Facebook

We want to encourage and direct our loyal customers to our new Facebook site to give us a like, provide comments and/or comments, and even testimonials on your product usage and/or customer service! Visit us on Facebook!

The Journey @ The Olive Branch

Welcome to our loyal customers, as well as newcomers, to our brand new Olive Branch store website that is sure to entertain as well as inform you about what you care about!  Take a tour around to view news, events, and the monthly ad for the store to which you can comment and let us […]

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