Meet The Olive Branch Team

We are a friendly and unique bunch at The Olive Branch.  Our passion is health, and we want to help you achieve all of your health goals.  Our family consists of members who come from various educational and health backgrounds to better inform and provide stellar customer service for you.  If we can’t answer your questions, we will find out!  Come visit us at our no-pressure store where we care about you and your health pursuits.

Welcome to our family, and God Bless.

Seth Graham of The Olive Branch Nutrition

Seth G.

Seth has been involved in the natural health industry for since 2011, as he manages the store and its operations.  Seth’s main focus is to provide quality products and stellar customer service to everybody that walks in the door.  Seth works also as a massotherapist which helps him help others through natural pain management.  His store focus is on CBD Oil/Hemp Extracts and Europharma’s Curamin.  In his spare time, Seth plays hockey, goes fishing, and loves spending time with his wife and dogs.

Judy H of The Olive Branch Nutrition

Judy H.

Judy’s journey began over forty years ago at Mellet Mall, and has been with the Olive Branch since 2008.  Judy enjoys people and helping them with their nutritional needs.  She has a wide range of favorite products from supplements, to herbs, and cosmetics.  A personal favorite product of Judy is Carlson fish oil.  She enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with family.

Jodi of The Olive Branch Nutrition


Jodi has been in the natural health industry for over five years. Jodi was a loyal customer years before helping customers at the store, as she feels very strong about friendliness and customer service.  Jodi’s favorite product in the store is the Montana Emu Ranch Skin Care line that is offered in the store.  Jodi’s overall goal in the store is helping educate those who want to heal their bodies through balance, herbs, and education.  In her spare time, Jodi likes to cook and read natural health magazines and ayurvedic health topics. 


Mary has always had an interest in eating healthy, and using natural supplementation.  Her interests led her to begin her journey working in the nutrition field for 19 years. She has enjoyed working at The Olive Branch for the past 3 years. She likes discussing Keto diets and helping customers choose protein and collagen products that are right for them.  Helping customers feel better is her ultimate goal.  When not working she enjoys reading, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.


Cathy’s journey into the natural health industry started in 1988 when she approached the herbal market searching for alternatives for allergy medicines.  She found relief in bee pollen and other natural allergy alternatives that are common today.  Cathy has a passion for learning and educating people about CBD oil.  In her spare time, Cathy enjoys gardening and cooking with herbs.